Hassan Hashem Law Firm

Meet the Team

Meet the best team ever


Hassan Hashem

CEO and Co-Founder

Attorney Hassan Hashem is a Supreme Court attorney and the founder and owner of Hassan Hashem Law Firm.Mr Hashem has more than 20 years of legal experience, and he focuses his practice exclusively on Criminal law and Civil Law


Dr. Amira Sobeih

Founder & Lawyer

Dr. Amira Sobeih , an attorney to the Court of Appeal and the State Council, is a specialist family lawyer. she also specializes in Company Law and Commercial Law.

She has solid experience in drafting and reviewing commercial agreements


Eman Abdel Fadeel

Founder & Lawyer

 She is a Supreme Court Attorney, she has more than 30 Years of Legal Experience in Corporate Law, Acquisitions, International Contracts, Franchising & Hotels Management