Legal Consulting

We offer a range of distinctive services including providing legal and financial advice to individuals and companies in all branches of law, especially economic, civil and investment-related.

Pleading before Criminal Courts

We have specialized in pleading before the Criminal Courts as well as the Economic Courts in all Crimes.

Personal Status for Foreigners

We have experts in all matters of foreigners, including licenses, residency, documenting their marriage, asylum applications, and obtaining Egyptian Citizenship.

Drafting, Translating and Registering contracts.

Our company drafts, translates and registers contracts in the Real Estate Registry.

Corporate Services

Proceeding from the importance of investment and as an encouragement to investors, therefore, the need arises to provide opinion and advice to companies, starting from their establishment and registration, through the amendment of their contracts, and ending with their liquidation

Our Core Expertise

Outstanding experience in the field of Advocacy

We have extensive experience in all branches of Law.

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